Writing Out Cancer

I lost my father to cancer. He was stubborn and wouldn’t get screened until it was way too late, even though he knew he had a problem. It’s not uncommon as most of us prefer the unknown to bad news. I’m hoping this will inspire you to not fall into that trap.

I have also spent the better part of twenty years developing life science buildings where cutting edge research is being conducted, and I personally know the heads of R&D for companies like Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, Glaxo Smith Klein, Pfizer and others, and I have seen first hand the dedication that goes into finding cures to many diseases facing mankind, including and especially cancer.

So when Steven Becker asked me to be a contributor to WRITING OUT CANCER THROUGH MURDER AND MAYHEM IN PARADISE I was honored to participate. There will be multiple installments of Murder and Mayhem in Paradise and this first version includes books from Steven Becker, Michael Reisig, Don Rich, Wayne Stinnett and Dawn McKenna. One of my novels will appear in the next volume.

Proceeds for the books will be used to promote cancer testing and screening, so by buying the set for $2.99 you will get some great books, contribute to an important awareness campaign and hopefully awaken yourself to the need to be screened. To delay getting tested only puts us at greater risk as cancer is one of those things that has far better odds of being defeated if found early. 

Thanks for your consideration, please spread the word, enjoy some great books and go get screened.