Silver Goodbye

Imagine learning that someone you loved, the person who had been your role model and rock, had a past life so deep and dark that it obliterated your entire relationship.

Silver Goodbye takes off fast when Buck Reilly, the once famous archeologist who lost his company, fortune, supermodel wife, and parents, makes a discovery that shakes the fragile foundation of his world. The revelation sends Buck back to Key West aboard the Beast, his ancient flying boat, to search for answers to a thirty-year-old family mystery and a cache of untold riches.

Turns out that Jade Diaz, the daughter of a dead drug smuggler is on the same hunt, and when she reluctantly teams with Buck, the dark past returns to hunt them with a vengeance.

To make matters worse, Hurricane Irma is ripping a path of destruction through the Caribbean, forcing Buck to race against its descent onto the Keys to save Jade and find the buried stash before the storm surge washes it away.

Silver Goodbye will shake you at the start, stir you in the middle, and blow you away at the end.

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Chapters 1

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